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I like puns, two-for-ones, and good, clean fun...s.

New video ft. Jess Lizama for all my girls out there and guys that know any girls and just anyone that has ever heard of a girl before:

It was my 23rd birthday this past weekend and I wanted to share it with all of my supporters! Well… the ones that were home. Share it if you smiled! :)

NEW VIDEO. Share if you can relate or if we could be related haha

NEW VIDEO ft. Ivan Dorschner & Anthony Ma. For all my Filipinos
share if you can relate or if we could be related LOL

NEW VIDEO ft. Dtrix

MY OTP with Amanda Suk! Enjoy :)


This health/weight journey has been definitely inconsistent especially with my affinity for sweets and sweet potato fries. In attempt to stay on track, I decided to make a visual food diary via Instagram to document the daily choices I make in order to live a healthier life all around. If you want to stay up to date, or see how to make smarter eating choices- follow me @meganbhealthy :)

Here by all of your requests and comments- hope you enjoy!

New video ft. Matthias! INTERNET ICON LIVES ON

VALENTINE’S DAY IS COMING! Are you ready? Are you broke? Either way, let me help :) Share for your friends/loved ones!