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I’ve tried to hold my tongue for as long as possible, but seeing this on my friends’ as well as my role models’ posts, I can’t stay silent anymore. I’m appalled by the words people in this generation choose to represent themselves with. You are a product of your mind, actions, and words. A lot of times in the age of technology, this action is a comment targeted at people and their personal lives. Under NO circumstance should you degrade someone based on their preferences, who they’re dating, that their teeth look like, their weight, makeup, what they’re choosing to do. Everyone has free will and everyone will learn at their own pace. I’m completely taken aback by seeing what people have to say about some really amazing individuals.

It’s even more heartbreaking knowing that a lot of the people who are getting this negativity are the ones that are putting themselves out there for entertainment or inspiration. What does that say about the ones who try to bring them down? I can’t seem to grasp the concept of ‘trolling’ for no reason, and most certainly for dating choices (I see this one far too often). The fact that these ‘supporters’ don’t agree with whatever decisions have been made, they aren’t really supporting- another thing to think about. If someone you look up to is happy, you should have unconditional support, or you don’t really support them.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; I understand this. I’m sorry if I’m missing something, but where is the benefit in picking apart these singers, YouTubers, dancers, comedians, actors, ANYONE on social media? If it’s to make them seem more human, or to magnify imperfections, we are all human; We all have imperfections. But at the same time, we should all have manners.

For the sake of our future, let’s just keep a conscious effort to remember that on the other side of the computer/phone screen, there is someone who is reading the comments, feeling your words, and being affected every day by ¬†them.

"What you say of others says little about them, and a lot about you."

-Megan Batoon

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